While I wait on the Braves game...

This 4-Block World reminded me of the first training gig I did for my latest company, at this client. I saw Jesse White in an old episode of The Twilight Zone the other day, acting opposite Carol Burnett, of all people.

We had a really nasty thunderstorm come through the neighborhood about an hour ago. They've been predicting it for about a week now, and it was pretty wild. Lightning, thunder, wind, rain coming down in sheets, even a little hail. It was so cool. I'm glad I have surge protection on the house.

Nothing new here...

It's not like Russian users are trying to join my friends list, or like I'm on vacation or anything. In fact, life is about as interesting as this. I'm still trying to get my Tomcat service to work, still trying to stay out of sight and out of trouble, still trying to get my right hand to work. Very dull. Just like I like it. But I gotta check in...

I got a headache....

...probably from watching the Braves lose. AGAIN. I should stop watching until they win. This is like watching the White Sox in the late 1960's, when they had great pitching and couldn't hit the side of a barn with a badminton racket.

When we had the waterfall put in about four years ago, several very loud frogs or toads took up residence in our yard. Right now, they're croaking up a storm, and are drowning out the sound of fireworks. It's really something.

I think I'll go take a handful of aspirin.

I done real good!

But not gooder then anderyn:

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The middle of a short work week...

The dentist saw me yesterday morning and decided that the crown on my back molar had disintegrated to the point that it had to be replaced. He didn't have time to do the work then, so I had to come back later and have the old one removed and a temp put on. Jaw's a little sore, but at least I can chew on that side without pain.

I love getting up for early morning teleconferences. The price you pay for having half of your coworkers in India. It could be worse, I guess.

HAW HAW HAW! Yeah, right...

Still, thanks, halfmoon_mollie:

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I'm off to the dentist in a few minutes to get this cap fixed (or replaced).