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I've finished the better part of the decrapulation of my office, and have washed the floor in here. Whatever it was that had hold of this place is now gone, it smells nice and fresh in here (well, kind of like the Lysol cleaner that comes with the FloorMate) and I feel, well, better. Tomorrow I put up the light strip on the wall behind me. I'm also going to set up the Ionic Breeze things to take some of the chemical smell out and to release a pantload of negative ions in here.

Mary and I discussed the issue of having a place to write, and she and I both agreed that I needed something a little more appropriate than my old desk, which I agree is just a little too small to work on. We went to Office Max this evening, where I bought a new office chair and looked at desks. Most of what they had was either designed as a computer desk or was just a little too elaborate, but there was a 36x29 inch table that seems just perfect. I'll have to order it online, but I don't anticipate that it will take more than a day or two to get here. Whee!

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