John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Finally got my writing table up; it was delivered sometime around midweek last week, and I just brought it up yesterday and put it together. And I managed to do it with a minimum of swearing at it. I also moved things around so that I can put the chair I had been using as a desk chair, a nice leather recliner, in a corner as a TV chair.

My office is nearly complete. I need to go through the books in the bookcase and eliminate a few so that I can fit more of them in, and I still have half of a box of crap that I need to deal with, but I feel a big difference in the energy in here. I can even look out the window and see the bird feeder in the back yard, and watch the birdies eating. So can the cats, which might explain why they're so hot to get in here all the time. It started with just Toby, but now Lucy (my part-Siamese--she's the noisy part) and Thumbs (my polydactyl) are tugging and crying at the door to come in.

Now if I could only get Mary to quit leaving crap all over the tables...

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