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Daily update

Ten days into NaNoWriMo and I've discovered that writing longhand seems to be the best solution to getting up to 50,000 words. It's not that I write any faster than I type, it's just that I'm not tempted to go back and rewrite as much. So, my plan is to write longhand for a week and type everything in during spare time when I'm not getting anything else accomplished. This might also be a good opportunity for me to learn Naturally Speaking; I can certainly read much more quickly than I can type, and I don't have to stop every three words or so to try and figure out what I had written.

So, I have close to eight pages of longhand script that has to be entered at some point. Probably over the weekend, or in the evenings when I'm too tired to do anything else.

In other news: Mary has decided, with several sessions with her personal trainer to go, to say the hell with it. She feels much better now. We've both come to the same conclusion, that working with a trainer has its benefits, but there is a diminishing return to scale, and at some point all you're doing is hurting yourself.

I managed to get into a loud discussion over the telephone with the manager of my local bank today. I'd prefer not to discuss it, but the upshot was that he seems to think that he knows what to do with my money better than I do. I told him to screw himself. (I will dispense with the snarky political comment that I had inserted here, but those of you who know me can figure out what it was.) I was so pissed by the end of the whole thing that I called the home office and chewed them out, too.

I was supposed to have more training on this product that I'm learning for a potential client, but he managed to send me home with the wrong material, something that I didn't realize until late yesterday afternoon. I called him and rescheduled for tomorrow, so that I can have a chance to go over the material that he should have given me before we get together. That'll be how I spend my evening.

Oh, and I've learned how to add RSS feeds to my Friends page. I know, duh...

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