John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Here's a good one from guess who?

My journal is called Chief Jack's Galley because I was stuck for a name when I first established this journal. "Chief Jack" is one of my characters on the Ghostletters mailing list (which I moderate)--specifically Jack O'Brian, MSSC(SS), USN (ret.), former proprietor of the Emerald Isle Pub, later called Jack's Place, later called Jack O'Brian's. He moved from Indiana (some urban area outside of Indianapolis that I never named) to New Mexico and opened Chief Jack's Galley. He is married to Dana (ghostwritten by lourdesmont) and has two adult children: Tommy and Mary Cecelia, who was once married to Val (ghostwritten by anderyn) and who was once romantically linked to Julian Vyse (ghostwritten by majkia). I'll do a whole thing on Ghostletters one of these days. Other folks on the friends list are (or were) members, specifically siliconshaman, micklpickl, and neonnurse (very briefly when the list got started).

My subtitle is "The Random Thoughts Of John Holton" because that's what they are: musings on life, stuff I found on the Internet that I thought was funny or informative, etc.

My friends page is called Friends because that's the default and I wasn't aware that you could call it anything different.

My username is johlt because it's become my identity all over the Internet. When I established my first AOL account ten years ago, they asked me to provide a user ID. Having been stuck for an answer, but not wanting to make it anything too obvious, I went with the user ID that I had at my then-employer. Their method of creating user IDs was to take the first two letters of your first name and the first three consonants of your last name, thus JOhn HoLTon, or JOHLT. It sort of stuck. It could have been SDDJCH0, you know...

My default userpic is the Magikist sign that used to stand beside the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago because I'm originally from Chicago, and to me it is (or was, now) as much of a Chicago landmark as the Sears Tower, the John Hancock Building, Wrigley Field or the Water Tower. The one I had been using, of the Indian wearing a sign advertising eye exams, was a statue that stands atop a small building at the corner of 63rd and Pulaski in Chicago. You might remember it from the movie "Wayne's World". He used to advertise White Owl cigars.

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