John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Cable was out most of the day, meaning that my access to the Internet wasn't available until about 4:30 this afternoon. When it did come on (after Comcast decided that the problem was theirs and not ours, owing to the fact that all of my neighbors also had the same problem), we had been in the house all day and decided to get out for dinner and to rent a couple of movies.

We saw Shrek 2, which was good, and also rented a movie called Kitchen Stories, a foreign film from Norway. I would recommend both, but was particularly impressed with and enthralled by the latter. It's the story of Swedish industrial engineers in 1950, who, having decided on the one best way for Swedish housewives' kitchens to be set up, turn their attentions to the kitchens of single men in Norway. So, they put observers into the kitchens of the men, who then map the kitchen and the subject's movements through it. I know it doesn't sound particularly amusing, but given my operations management background (we studied some topics in industrial engineering, specifically motion and time study) and general background in process improvement, I got a kick out of it, and the way that they relationship between the observer and the observed develops was just beautiful. See the movie. I think you'll like it.

Have to spend the day tomorrow catching up on my e-learning experiences. Learning how the damn interface works is, in itself, frustrating.

Anyway, CSI: NY is on. See you tomorrow.

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