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More fun to come...

My annual review is scheduled for this afternoon sometime. Not quite sure when; it'll be whenever my boss can call me and get through on the phone. I hate annual reviews, especially when I'm not happy with my job or the way things are going and I don't feel like they listen. She may get an earful when she calls. Heaven help her...

This morning's Dilbert cartoon was oddly apropos for today. (If you're reading this after the 25th, it's the cartoon from July 25.) I spent the day writing a document that I've already written once, but not in the "appropriate" form. The original was good enough to sell the engagement; I don't understand why it's not good enough to tell them what I'm going to do. I basically spent the day reformatting what I'd already done, in the process reworking the document template because my company, sensing that they were losing money hand over fist, decided to redo the logo, and the model document (which was from a couple of years back anyway) had the old logo in it. So, I had to get the new logo off of the Internet, change headers and footers, you name it. It's done now, thank heaven.

Mary did some work at the clinic today, and called me on her way home and invited me out to lunch. We just got back from there about ten minutes ago. Nothing like a leisurely 2 hour lunch to work off one's frustrations. I should get back on Atkins one of these days.

Speaking of Atkins (as in Chet, not in Doctor), I'm listening to an album by one of his proteges, John Knowles, who's a fingerstyle genius. Right now, he's in the midst of a huge tribute to Jerry Reed, who never gets enough credit as a guitar player, in my opinion. I'll put the album information into the "Current Music" area. As I mentioned last week, he was one of the featured instructors at the guitar workshop.

Later, much...

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