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Off to bed shortly, or at least ready to turn off the computer in a minute. Toby has joined me and is peering at me through his one eye. He thinks I've ignored him enough for today. I'm not going to disagree.

Had dinner with a family that we know from the south side of Chicago. Hadn't seen them in a while; they've had a 100 percent turnover in the dog department since the last time we saw them. They now have a Jack Russell terrier and a part Yorkie/part something else named Samantha and Rocky, respectively. They're nice dogs. Samantha is a little high strung; as I understand it, Jack Russells tend to be quite high-energy.

I start my certification exam tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it quickly enough that I can submit it for a grade, so that I can work on the 100 percent so I can get some money for all of this work I've been putting in.

Looks like I'm going to have to buy a new laptop for this particular assignment. They have specific requirements because I need to be able to use my laptop as a classroom server for many assignments, and this little thing just ain't going to cut it, and upgrading it would cost as much as a new one and probably wouldn't work, so I'll be looking at laptops after Christmas. I'm hoping for some good deals. I've been looking at Toshibas and HPs, after looking at Dell and Gateway and deciding that going with either of them would be (a) more expensive and (b) too much aggravation. I want to be able to go into the store and make my choice.

Toby's getting ready to bang on the door to get out, so I'm going to shut down now. Right after Larry Carlton's finished with "The Christmas Song", the one Mel Torme wrote. See you in the AM.

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