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My product certification exam is slow going, but it's coming along. Today I got a call from the contact at the company, wanting to set up some time with me next week to find out if there was anything that I encountered on the exam that was throwing me for a loop. So, obviously, he doesn't think I'll finish by the end of this week, or even by the end of next week. Which is a very good thing, because I can see this thing taking a lot of my time. It took me over an hour to answer one question today, most of which was taken up in making screen shots of the various screens that one would use to perform a given function. The actual steps take about ten minutes; the cutting and pasting and writing up the explanation is what takes all of the time. But, I'm getting through it.

Something inside me is wondering why I'm sitting in front of this infernal machine at this hour of the night. I seem to spend a lot of my life staring at this screen. Come to think of it, I could use some new pig tracks, as Mary calls them. In the new year I resolve to go different places and do different things, and get away from my office and my computer.

You know, as I was sitting here, I got to thinking about Mark Victor Hansen. This was the guy who spoke at the user conference that turned into my Waterloo with my old employer. Realizing as I do that motivational speakers and self-help gurus (particularly those with a--dare I say it?--Christian bent to them) have a bad name in the world, and that the general attitude toward them is that they're pettifoggers, bullshitters, quacks, charlatans, and just about one rung below televangelists, nevertheless his talk really spoke to me. Perhaps it was the time, or the place, or the events that came soon after his talk, but ya know, if you were in the room with me, and knew what I was going through, you might understand why I'm thinking that his technique might have some merit. I'm thinking specifically of his Goal Rush program. I think I should make my list over the next week or so...

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