John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

First of all, most happiest birthday to siliconshaman, and many, many more.

There's something so cool about the last day of the year, isn't there? It's a time to be like Janus, and look forward as you look back. I've already taken care of the looking back, so it's time to start looking forward.

Resolutions for 2005:

  1. Build the business. I was thrust into the world of free agency/self employment in the middle of this year, and so far I've been taking the attitude of letting the business come to me. I've learned that's not going to work, at least not in the long run, and being a good non-Keynesian, I have to look toward the long run. So, with this in mind:

    • I will find at least three more opportunities similar to the one that I'm working on currently. That is, three more contract trainer opportunities for companies with a product to sell. In all likelihood, this will not include my old company, who could really use my help but won't, but it could include those companies for whom I've done business in the past.
    • I will develop relationships within the Cobb Chamber of Commerce (my county here in Georgia), as well as with business associations in the county (e.g. the Kennesaw Business Association) and Kennesaw State University.
    • I will evaluate available training materials in the area of creative problem solving and creative thought, with an eye toward either working with the developer to offer the course or developing a course of my own.
    • I will build and deliver a course in trainer skills by mid-year.
    • I will become an expert in Microsoft Office, in particular Powerpoint.
    • I will examine the market for facilitators, and if promising will commit to getting certified in facilitation skills.

  2. Rewrite the NaNoWriMo novel, with an eye toward sending it out by the end of the year.
  3. Commit to working out on a regular basis. Commit to half an hour of cardio workout three times a week, expanding to four times a week by the middle of the year. Do weight training at least once a week.
  4. Play the guitar at least half an hour a day. I've neglected it. I don't like that.
  5. Spend more time away from the computer. I love you guys, but I spend too much time on the computer, and I'm finding that I need to get away from it and start doing other things, especially since I spend so much of my work time on it.
  6. Continue to build personal relationships. In all of the networking that I've done, I've discovered that I need others. Not just business contacts, but people that I enjoy being with. I wouldn't mind meeting some of you in person.
  7. Write a screenplay. I'll be taking a course in it starting January 25. By the end of the year, perhaps I can actually produce something worth looking at.
  8. Keep up the good work. I managed to fulfill all of my resolutions from last year, but those were all on-going things. Many of this year's resolutions are follow-ons to last year's.

I'm getting ambitious in my old age, aren't I?

To all of you, a very prosperous and fulfilling 2005. May it be better for all of you than 2004.

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