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A busy afternoon

OK, so I took Mary to our usual doctor this afternoon, and he diagnosed her as not having bronchitis, but something viral, changed her meds and sent her on her way.

We stopped at Chicago's, a local restaurant, for lunch, hoping to see our friend Valerie the bartender, but she and her husband were off on a well-deserved cruise to Alaska. Nevertheless, had a wonderful lunch there (Mary had the cream of mushroom soup and a spinach salad, I had a hamburger with fries) among the various posters and pictures of my old home town. One was a poster for the Century of Progress, which reminded me of a picture of my grandparents pushing my mother (who was a year old at the time) in a stroller. There was also a picture, hanging in the bar area, of Jean Harlow, which for some strange reason reminded me of my Aunt Cash, despite the fact that Cash had jet black hair (that got jetter and blacker as she got older). I think it was more the period of time when they both lived; Cash might have been a flapper during the 1920s, judging from pictures of her from those years.

After spending a good half hour at Walgreen's getting Mary's prescriptions filled and buying sundry items, we came home. About a half hour later, Mary went into the garage to load her things into the van for school in the morning, and found a huge puddle around the furnace, so we had to call in the heating and air conditioning guy and get the water up off of the floor. Thank heaven I had a wet-dry vacuum.

Then, when the guy came, one of my cats, Jasmine (such a dainty name for such a lump), managed to get out and take me for a run around the block. She finally wore out and I was able to get her into the house. Meanwhile, the guy decrapulated the line and put some sort of chemical cleaner in there to make sure that the crap wouldn't build up in there any time soon. Now, all I have to remember is to put some bleach in there about every three to four months...yeah, right, like I'm going to remember.

So, now I'm exhausted. I think I'll do something unchallenging this evening, maybe watch the CSI: Miami rerun and fall asleep in front of the TV. Braves are off tonight after sweeping the Pirates over the weekend. Later, all...

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