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Amazing! A new installment!

Yes, I've been derelict here. I've been working on a Ghostletters story and trying to figure out where this one is going. I think I have an idea here. Let me know what you think.

Nothing but trouble

By the time I got finished with the FBI agents, and they returned me to Detective Johnson, it was late in the afternoon, and I wasn't sure whether or not I could go back to see Kate. I called the Molloy house anyway, just to be sure, and was told that it was too late by Mr. Molloy. I asked him to give her the message that I had called, but he managed to hang up before I could give him the message.

"Too late, huh?" Johnson said. I nodded. "I'm sorry we had to do that, Tony, but it was pretty important stuff. Clearly, with all of this going on, you're not particularly safe while this Rosalie is still around."

"It makes no sense to me, Detective," I said.

"These things never do. So, when do you go back home for the holiday?"

"Wednesday after class. Why?"

"Just wondering, that's all. Uh, you going to be working anytime soon?"

"Yeah, tomorrow. Why all this interest in my schedule?"

"I'm just thinking that it might not be a bad idea to put a bodyguard on you."

"What? No." I shook my head from side to side. "No way."

"Look, I'm just thinking about your safety."

"Well, I'm thinking about looking like an idiot."

"Would you rather be a living idiot or a dead wise guy?"

He had a point. I sighed. "Oh, all right. Just don't make it too obvious."

Johnson shook his head. "Don't know if I can accommodate you there, Tony. I mean, the guy would be with you pretty much all day and night."

"What? You mean, hanging out in the dorm with me, being with me at work, that kind of thing?" This didn't sound good.

The detective shrugged. "Either that, or we take you to a safe house and don't let you do anything for a while. The other thought would be you start your semester break now, take time off from your job, and go to your mother's house, and we keep an eye on you there. I don't think any of these people would go so far as to try something when you were at home."

I was getting frustrated. "So, what happens after Christmas break? What do we do then? Do I have to stay at Mom's house, and have you guys take me to school and bring me home?"

"Well, yes."

I had an idea. "Wait a second. You guys are trying to flush Rosalie out, right? She's not going to come anywhere near me if you're hanging around. Wouldn't it be better to go with the status quo until we find out where she is?"

Johnson smiled, the kind of smile that told me that was what he wanted to hear me say. "You know, you do have a point there. Damn, I told you you were wasting your time in business school!"

Detective Johnson left me off at the corner of Loyola and Sheridan after giving me instructions on what I was to do if and when Rosalie contacted me. I was given a special phone number to call that would put me right through to him. I was to report everything that she said to me, no matter how insignificant, to him. If I found myself being followed by anyone, I was to find the nearest phone and call him. If anything funny happened, I was to call him. If anyone was standing outside of my mother's house, I was to call him.

I got out of his car and watched him drive away before going into the dorm. I checked my watch and saw that I had fifteen minutes to get dinner at the cafeteria, so I went and had something to eat. I was pretty much the only person there, since a lot of my dorm mates had already gone home for the holiday, and most people went out to dinner on Saturday night, anyway.

After dinner, I walked across the concourse, past the person checking IDs and rode the elevator to the eighth floor. I went to my room, walked in, and turned on the light.

"Hi, Tony," a familiar voice said. Rosalie was sitting on my bed.

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