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The grand experiment!

I've been mulling it over...

For about the last nine years, I have been writing a number of characters on a mailing list called Ghostletters. anderyn, lourdesmont, majkia and siliconshaman know of what I speak. It is a mailing list dedicated to people who ghostwrite fictional or historical characters. The original intent of said Ghostletters was that you could have Albert Einstein talking to Alexander the Great, etc., but seeing as how most of us were fiction writers, it became more a list of people who wrote their characters into one another's lives. Chief Jack, after whom this journal is named, is in fact my original character for the list, Jack O'Brian, a retired Navy man, restaurateur and bartender. He has a daughter, Mary Cecelia, a divorced woman with three kids. The gorgeous redhead smiling at you from the corner of this entry is her.

This Thursday is, as I recall, "Down The Rabbit Hole Day", where essentially everyone makes weird things happen in their lives and journals about them. Now, seeing as this Friday is Mary Cecelia's birthday, I've made a decision: she will be guest-hosting Chief Jack's Galley for the week.

Now, I want to warn everyone: she is nowhere near as nice a person as I am. She is not particularly conciliatory; she carries a gun; she says things that I would never say, at least not out loud. She is living proof that redheads know the quickest way to a man's heart--through the rib cage. She is a divorced mother of three children. And, if she's a good girl, she might just get her own journal. If she's a bad girl, she'll definitely get her own journal.

She'll start sometime this evening, maybe tomorrow.

God help you all.

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