John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Greetings from your guest host...

John, no doubt, has warned you about me. He's warned me about you, too. His last words to me before running off to get certified were, "For God's sake, Mary Cecelia, don't lose any of them."

You know, John is really very fond of all of you. So fond, in fact, that he worries a little too much about offending you. I've lost count of the number of times that I've seen him start writing something to one of you, only to see him say, "nah, I can't say that to them." I say to him, for cryin' out loud, Holton, it's your journal. Tell them what you think. He says no, it wouldn't sit well with them. I don't want to say anything that would make any of them leave.

Can you believe that? I've told him that he'd probably lose a few pounds and not have to deal with the reflux if he'd just open up and really let people know what he thought, but he doesn't want to listen. He cares too much about you, to the point where he makes himself sick.

That's why I'm here this week. I don't give a shit.

He has told you a little about me, but of course none of the good stuff. I am the daughter of the Chief Jack after which this journal is named (did you honestly think it was him?), the apple of Daddy's eye. I am a single mother with three somewhat enchanted children: Patsy, better known as "Mini-Me", who will be 8 in March (if she makes it that long), and my 6-year-old twins, Sean and Jeanette. I say that they are somewhat enchanted because their father, who was played to perfection by another of John's friends (hey, anderyn! Give Val a kiss for me!) was part-Fae, all mage. I also have a biracial stepdaughter named Abby, who's now a mom of her own with two gorgeous stepdaughters and a little boy named Willie. And a polydactyl cat named Pudge, after Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez of the Tigers.

Currently, John has me working in Detroit as the midday radio personality at WNBQ-FM. He's going to move me to Las Vegas in the near future (you Ghostletters folks haven't heard about that yet). He likes Las Vegas, says it pretty well typifies his (and my) political viewpoint: plenty of sex and greed for everyone. In my career, I've been a nurse, a bartender like (and with) my father, a private investigator in training, and a Playboy Bunny (thanks to the aforementioned enchanted kids) in addition to being a radio personality. There's a story behind every one of those things, which we won't get into here, although John has told me that if I do well this week, he might get me one of these things all to myself, and I can tell you all about it. Won't that be fun?

A big hello to my buddy Ellie DeBruyne, lourdesmont's creation, and to majkia, with whose beloved Julian I've played, shall we say, on occasion. And to micklpickl and siliconshaman, who's already heard from me. And hello to all of you whom I haven't met, but hope to get to know in the very near future.

Mary Cecelia O'Brian

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