John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Back to you, John

Well, this has certainly been an uneventful week, hasn't it? I didn't make too much of a pain in the neck of myself, I don't think, though I think more than a few of you are now completely confused. You know John, you're accustomed to hearing from him and seeing one of his goofy pictures in the corner of your screen, then all of a sudden you're talking to someone completely different. I'm not sure that all of you figured out what was going on. You might have figured, "gee, why's John got that redheaded woman icon in the corner?" and still thought you were talking to him. In a way, I guess you're right. John has often said that I am his much smaller, better looking alter ego.

We do talk all the time. He tries to figure out how to make my life miserable, and I keep him up late at night, because that's my job. His friend writer_chick told me that's why she called her journal "bitch-slapped by the muse", because the muse will wake her up at all hours of the night, keep her awake and in general make life miserable until something comes of it. So, in a way, I'm his muse, I guess.

It was really good to hear from so many of my friends from the infamous Spiritual Telegraph, including a few that I haven't heard from in a while. Not the least being my ex-husband, Val (played by anderyn), who, personally, I'd like to hear from a whole lot more. Hint hint. Likewise, Allun Walker (played by siliconshaman), who vanished from the Telegraph without so much as a trace a while back. It was through Allun, believe it or not, that I found one of my father's friends and an old denizen of the Telegraph, Mike Callahan (yes, that one, voiced by docwebster) and, much to my surprise, he managed to come back. And, of course, my dear friend Dragon (draiguisge), who the Telegraph misses terribly (my father still hasn't forgiven himself for getting you drunk very early on), and my buddy Ellie (lourdesmont) (I've talked to Abby, and she's ready for lunch anytime you are). Last but not least, of course, Julian Vyse/Vaurien (majkia), about whom no words are necessary (or repeatable in this type of forum). You bring the Lady Selene out in me, darling. (God, did I really say that?)

It was also great to hear from a few of John's friends, particularly summerlady and bayarts. Vickie, keep him squirming. You know what I'm talking about. And for those of you who I didn't see, or hear from, or thought that it might be a little too freaky to hear from me, it was nice to pick through your thoughts.

My father (Senior Chief Culinary Specialist John Francis O'Brian, USN Ret., the Chief of Chief Jack's Galley) will kill me if I don't invite all of you to join us over at the Spiritual Telegraph, better known as Ghostletters. We're on Topica, and you can subscribe by sending an email to ghostletters-subscribe at topica dot com. (John said that you'll know what I'm talking about.) There is also some rumor that the Silicon Shaman will be setting up a forum here on LiveJournal, and John'll be glad to let you know where it is. If you're interested in hearing more about it, you can visit this web page and it'll give you some idea. Or you can write to John at johlt at comcast dot net. Or, hey, just leave a comment.

Now, then, what happens to me? Well, my crazy life goes on. John has threatened to set one of these up for me, and to force me to write in it, and that will probably be happening in the very near future, so watch his journal for further updates. I'm not sure that's all that good of an idea, but he thinks it is. It's very hard to argue with him sometimes. Have you guys noticed that?

John will be back tomorrow. It's been a slice, guys. When I get up and running I'll be watching you. Take care of yourselves, slainte mhath, aloha, and all that.

Mary Cecelia O'Brian

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