John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Have a foggy day here today. It's going to reach 70 degrees this afternoon. By the end of the week, it'll be back in the fifties. Ah, winter in the south. Typically, the beginning of March is also the beginning of spring, for all intents and purposes, so we've only got two more weeks of winter. Although, it'll be 12 years ago that we had a huge snowstorm on March 13.

Anyway, I need to get dressed and out the door. Ever notice how everyplace you work seems to have a different rhythm? Some places are early morning places. This is definitely a late-morning, early-afternoon place.

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    Thanks, Virginia Postrel, for pointing out this website: A word cloud for Chief Jack's Galley!

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    Parkway Rest Stop had this on his site: Not to be outdone, Joan of Argghh! had this:

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    Feel free to keep up with me. I'm john_holton, just like here.

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