John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Thought I was going to spend the afternoon training a guy, and it turns out that he just needed someone to help him with a few concepts that were hanging him up. Took me about an hour to straighten him out. You know, I've learned this product pretty well. It's frightening.

My next challenge, besides being out of town the first part of next week, will be to do some distance training with a representative in Japan. I'll be using VoIP to talk to him, and I'm not sure how the rest of it will work (probably some kind of shared desktop). Guess this'll be another one of them there learning experiences.

I'm hoping that the hotel I'll be staying at next week will have some kind of high-speed access. I don't want to have to download a dialup client to deal with my class.

Anyone watch CSI: NY last night? It was really outstanding. So was NCIS on Tuesday night. Someone knows how to write for television. And I hope that Two and a Half Men wins an Emmy. I was rolling on the floor with that one.

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