John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

You are

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't:

  1. Bowled a 200 at the bowling alley in El Unicentro, Bogota, Colombia.
  2. Escorted an attractive female impersonator to the Gay Ball in Chicago. (S/he was a friend of a friend whose date cancelled at the last minute.)
  3. Participated in a protest against the way that Iranian students were reacting to news about Jimmy Carter's hostage crisis. (I was a grad student at Roosevelt University in 1979, just after the hostages were taken; my Iranian fellow students thought the whole hostage-taking was hilarious.)
  4. Marched with a pipe band in a ticker-tape parade honoring the first space shuttle astronauts.
  5. Urinated in the middle of an Interstate highway. (I-90, somewhere between Sioux Falls and Pierre, SD, one fine Sunday afternoon.)
  6. Was victim of a major crime in a foreign country. (My laptop and passport were stolen from the Dun and Bradstreet office in Toronto, Canada.)
  7. Stayed in five different Midwestern cities on five successive nights. This also included seven different flights on three different airlines.
  8. Spent at least one day in 31 different states and six countries (on four different continents) different from my own.
  9. Awakened in a hotel room with no clue as to how I got there.
  10. Gained recognition as the top student in Production and Operations Management at Loyola University. (1978)

Incidentally, next week I'll be able to add something else to the list: Led a training class for a student in Japan from my office at home via VoIP. Let me tell you something: VoIP is about the coolest thing that I've had the pleasure of playing with. The guy I was talking to (who will be taking my class next week) sounded like he was sitting right beside me. Is that cool, or what?

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