John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

As most of you have probably figured out, I got home from my trip. It took me almost twelve hours, but I got home.

I left Danville, drove back to Indianapolis, and, after being ordered by some TSA bonehead on a power trip to take off my shoes to pass through the metal detector (they have no metal in them, which I told him, but he wasn't convinced), I flew to Chicago, then spent four hours there between flights, during which time I had dinner at Chili's, a triple venti mocha at Starbucks, and searched in vain for a wi-fi connection. Considering I was near two Admirals' Clubs and at least one Wayport, I was rather disappointed; the only thing that showed up on my list were other people's computers.

We then got on the plane (which must have been designed for leprechauns), taxi out to the runway, and are placed on hold for an hour and a half thanks to weather in Atlanta. I get into town, and it's teeming rain. Naturally, I couldn't get the door to the car open.

I slept until 11 this morning. It felt great.

Off to train a new vice president about the product he's trying to sell.

Next week, I'll be training a guy in Japan. I'll be here, he'll be there, and we'll talk via VoIP. I called him via Skype this evening, and it was like he was in the room with me. (I know, I've already told you all that, but someone pointed out that it didn't come out correctly that time.)

Better go hit the hay.

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