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On the road again...

I travel to California tomorrow; I'll be flying into Sacramento and driving to Folsom (I hear the train a-comin', comin' round the bend...) and working with a customer in Placerville all week. Forecast high for Monday is 101 Fahrenheit (38 Centigrade, for those of you who've forgotten). I can hardly wait. The Braves will be in San Francisco playing the Giants this week, but I don't think I'll be driving there to see them play.

This is the beginning of a busy period for me, thank heaven. I've been sitting too much with little to do, and that's not a good thing. My philosophy has always been that it's hard to hit a moving target. Still, traveling by air is a huge hassle, especially with all of the "security precautions" they've put in place. I drive when I can now; if a customer is within an eight hour drive, I'll get in the car rather than get on a plane. The airlines have done everything that they can to make flying as miserable an experience as possible.

Anyway, it's off to bed. Tomorrow from Placerville.

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