John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

After last night's episode, I can honestly say that if JAG hadn't jumped the shark before (and there's plenty of argument to say that it had), it definitely has done so now. They're starting to add characters ad nauseum in anticipation of David James Elliott's departure, and last night he made what would generally be considered a cameo appearance. They seem to now be focusing on Catherine Bell's character and her relationship with a junior officer who is--surprise!--a Harmon Rabb clone, and they're trying to recycle material from the earlier days, when it was more of an action show and less of a soap opera. It's not worth watching anymore, although I am curious to see how they write Harm out. Maybe he'll crash a plane and end up BBR. Maybe they'll decide to cancel it once and for all. I'll start watching again in May or so, when they start with the season finales.

I slept through most of Numb3rs last night, and most of the replay of Mystery Woman, which I have on tape. I just get a kick out of seeing Clarence ("LIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiincoln!") Williams III again, and Kellie Martin is...well, I like her, let's put it that way.

I've got the tax information put together for the accountant. If I can get my fanny out the door, I'll take it to her later today. It's a gorgeous day out, and tomorrow's not going to be that good. I start training my Japanese friend tomorrow evening at 6.

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