John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Night 1 of training Yoshi went pretty well. For a while, we were having troubles with Skype (the VoIP software we're using to talk to one another), but they worked themselves out. I think they had a new crew on the job over at Comcast--it appears that the problems were at my end.

So, I've got most of the day to goof off, because I'm back in class at 6 this evening. Mary's off doing a massage this morning. She'll be participating in a study (nothing earth-shattering) for which she needs to pick up materials this afternoon, so we'll be off to do that around lunchtime, and there's gonna be food sometime during the trip.

I've got another head cold. This one's worse than the last one.

Mary and I stopped at a used book store on Saturday, and I found a copy of Hi-Ho, Steverino!, Steve Allen's memoir about working in television from its earliest days. I've always been a big fan of Steve Allen, perhaps because he lived for some time in Chicago (down in the Hyde Park neighborhood; my mother is from Woodlawn, the next neighborhood over), perhaps because he's a smart-ass Irishman, and perhaps because he's one of the true pioneers in television. He's credited with inventing the talk-show format, although he used a lot of his show to goof off and do all kinds of crazy things. He was an excellent musician (he played the piano and clarinet, and starred in The Benny Goodman Story), composed over 7000 songs, and wrote 50 books--a sort of Renaissance man with a sense of humor. I spent most of the day reading it, and almost fell off the couch a couple of times, I was laughing so hard.

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