John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I was pretty wired when I finished class at 3 this morning, and stayed up until 5, when I figured that I had better try and get some rest. Naturally, I was up by 9:30, admiring the snow that had fallen overnight (which is now all gone). I have about an hour and a half before I go back into class with my one student in Japan. (Have I mentioned that VoIP is remarkable? You'd think with all of the Internet traffic that it'd be all choppy and garbled, but it comes through loud and clear nearly all of the time.)

I finished my assignment for TV class after hanging up last night/this morning and got it posted to the database so that I'll get credit for it. Last week I was late with it, and as such didn't get it critiqued. Such is life. I managed to leave the textbook for the class at Steak 'n' Shake, so I went to pick it up earlier today, then Mary and I went to lunch and to drop off more tax stuff with the accountant. Then, of course, Mary wanted to stop at the yarn store around the corner from the accountant's office.

I've got a fresh pot of coffee that I just made. I think I'll go have some before I have to do the class. I told my student that I'd be taking off from 10-11:30 (noon to 1:30 his time), and that I was going to give him a self-study assignment to cover in that time. Heh heh.

Not much else to report, aside from a successful online shopping excursion to Omar The Tent Maker for clothes. anderyn reports that today is the feast of St. David, the patron of Wales, so everyone have a leek. For the record, Holton is a Welsh name. Unlike the rest of humanity, who descended from the apes, the Welsh come from Wales.

Being from Cobb County, Georgia, I now have to indicate that the theory of evolution is only a theory, at least until the end of the school year, when the courts have told the school board that they have to 86 the stickers that declare that evolution is only a theory. Which, of course, it is, as is creation, the big bang and nearly everything else that attempts to explain how we managed to occupy this odd little corner of the universe, because it was a very long time ago and, so far as I know, none of us was around at the time, but let's face it, the stickers were simply a way to appease Earnest Easley, the pastor of Roswell Street Baptist Church, which holds the real power in Cobb County (since most of the politicians in the county go to RSBC).

Note that the stickers proclaiming the theory of evolution to be just a theory is not the first time that the public schools of Cobb County have chosen to deface schoolbooks in the name of decency. There was, of course, the George Washington's Watch Fob incident, which involved a civics book, the cover of which bore a reproduction of Gilbert Stuart's "Washington Crossing The Delaware". There were some administrators who believed that the positioning of George's watch fob made it appear as if his barn door was open and his genitals were dangling out. This same picture was reproduced inside the book. Their solution to the problem was to (a) remove the offending image from the book and (b) employ several teachers' aides to spend the afternoon with Magic Markers, marking out the offending bit of clothing.

I love government, especially when I get to pay for this sort of insanity.

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