John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Had a quiet day today. I slept until noon, and got up only because a friend of Mary's was coming over to talk knitting with her. So, while they were having a knitter's day in, I listened to a baseball game and played some guitar, then napped a little bit. Went out and got dinner at Arby's, then took a nap after dinner. We just finished watching Austin Powers in Goldmember on TBS, after watching Frailty on USA.

Found out today, in all of my TV watching, that they're remaking Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? as a comedy with Bernie Mac (at least, that's who I think is in it), and that they're reviving Kojak with Ving Rhames as the title character. And let's not forget Blind Justice which is evidently a remake of Longstreet but set in New York City rather than New Orleans. (Heaven forbid that they set a serious crime drama in a southern city, unless it happens to be Miami.) Oh, and The Hallmark Channel has been reviving the idea of the old NBC Mystery Movies...maybe I should write that spec script for Mannix; who wants to bet that'll be coming back? It had a great theme song, remember? Kind of a jazz waltz...

In short, today was a good day for the soul. I did nothing of any great import, just hung out and had a day of rest. I like days like today. I haven't had enough of them recently. My mind has been on a thousand things that I have to do but haven't been getting done, and all I've been feeling is tired.

I'm going to shut down now. Talk to you all tomorrow.

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