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Mary, feeling much better after having her meds changed, aced her practical exam in Swedish Massage. A perfect 100! Needless to say, I'm proud of her. She goes into her term break having done very, very well in her quest to become a massage therapist.

I took Jasmine, our escapee from yesterday, to the vet today because it appeared that she was dripping blood from her nether regions. No bladder infection, apparently, but the vet thought there might be a problem elsewhere, and put her on antibiotics. She was a good girl for the vet, who told me that Jasmine was an "angel". She was also an angel when it came to giving her the antibiotics, generally one of those things that causes great consternation at the Holton house.

I also had them microchip her, after yesterday's incident. Don't want my angel flying away. She's very special, as are the others, but what's special about her is that she's really nothing special, just a pretty black cat, a bit overweight, with a funny gait. We got her from a Siamese and Persian rescue lady at the same time that we got Amy. She told us that if we wanted her, we could have her at no charge, because no one wanted to adopt her.

I spent my lunch hour playing the guitar. I feel like things are starting to come back slowly, and that I'll be ready by the time I go to Nashville. I like the Epiphone Dot a lot; the action is nice, it stays in tune because it has a fixed bridge, and I've wanted a semi-hollow body electric most of my life, remembering George Harrison's Gretsch Tennessean from those early Ed Sullivan shows. (Oddly enough, I had originally ordered a Casino, which is the guitar that George and John played at Shea Stadium, but this one came instead, and I liked it better.) That was nearly forty years ago, and I can remember their first appearance on Ed Sullivan because I have an aunt who was sixteen and heavily into the Fab Four. I can remember her screaming at the TV.

Don't know if I'm going to stay up to watch the Braves tonight; they're in Oakland, meaning that they don't start for another half hour, meaning that it'll be way past my bedtime when the game's over. I guess I'll watch the first part of it, since Erin Andrews (she sits in the TBS Superstation studios while Don and Joe call the game) is such a cutie. She's almost a dead ringer for Lana Dean, for those of you who know who I'm talking about. Personally, I hate interleague play, but I guess I'm in the minority there.

More fun and games tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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