John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Had a quiet birthday yesterday. Celebrated with lunch at Longhorn and coffee at Starbucks, with a trip in the middle to Kinko's to get some printing done for my class this week.

This wasn't the birthday where I get my draft notice from the old people's union, by the way. That comes next year. I'm wondering whether I should just save them the time and myself the aggravation by contacting them now and letting them know that I have no intention of joining, so don't bother sending me the card. I have toyed with the idea of sending it back unopened and stating that I'm deceased on the outside, but something tells me they have a connection with the government and I'll probably end up causing myself more trouble than it's worth.

Found out today that I have a cousin who's running for Illinois State Senate. I'm tempted to find out who his opponent is and send him a campaign donation, but something tells me that it'd be listed somewhere and I'd be ostracized. Understand, I love my cousins, but I'm not sure I want any of them in a place of authority.

I'm off to beautiful (and I've heard that it really is, so I'm not being facetious) Cleveland, Tennessee this week; it's about half an hour from Chattanooga and thus an hour or so from Knoxville. It should be quite nice this time of the year. It's been beautiful here in Atlanta, and my Japanese maple is starting to burst forth with leaves. In another week or so, everything's going to be covered with pine dust, although my neighbors and I have had a lot of the pines removed, so maybe it won't be that bad. And maybe I'll grow a horn in the middle of my forehead.

I'm not sure that the hotel I'm staying at in Cleveland is going to have a high-speed connection, and since I don't have a dialup I might be out of communication for a few days next week. I'm sure you're all heartbroken.

We're having Easter dinner with friends who used to live on the South Side and who moved to Atlanta largely because we thought it was nice. Mary wants to get up at the crack of dark and go to Mass, so I'm setting the alarm. Let's see if she's serious. Heh heh heh...

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