John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I got back at about quarter after six this evening. It was still sunny and warm outside. And still sunny and warm inside.

My class loved me. I figured out that the last time I was in a classroom was the week of my birthday a year ago--almost exactly a year. And, I still got it. My stepfather, who was a priest most of his adult life, said that the first time he had to wear a tie to work, he couldn't remember how to tie it. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and tied it. That's what I did. Thanks, Tex.

The training manager for my client, the guy I have the most contact with, was there the first day, and had me on tenterhooks. Once he left, I was able to be myself without having to remind myself of the 1,000,001 things that he was reminding me to do, and I felt a lot more comfortable. I learned a lot about dealing with him this week.

But of all the things that I learned this week, the most important was "Trust your gut." I've been an instructor most of my professional life. I've led computer training for most of that. I know how to teach people how to use application software. And I'm not boring. I'm always open to suggestions, and have incorporated things from nearly every instructor I've ever had, but what makes them successful is not necessarily what makes me successful. I'm an ENFP: extroverted, intuitive, feeling and perceptive. I'm built for the classroom. It's where I belong. To paraphrase William H. Macy from the movie Mystery Men, I'm an instructor; it's what I do.

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