John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

This is excellent: Economic Wargames By Dal Timgar. My favorite excerpt:

Our educators constantly talk about preparing students for the workforce though businessmen regularly complain about potential employees not being sufficiently skilled. Our colleges eagerly promote statistics which indicate that higher education leads to higher salaries. That's fine for the income side of the equation but how much attention is devoted to the expense side? How many high-school graduates know what net worth is, or understand amortization schedules? What good does it do if our educators only create competent employees who then get fleeced of their hard earned cash? Or could it be that our educators are another set of fleecers? I once saw a TV program which interviewed people who told employers they had college degrees but had actually lied. Many of them worked for years, got raises and promotions. What do you need to know to pretend you have a degree in psychology, or history, or english literature? Spend a few months reading some decent books and who'll know the difference? Was it 60 Minutes? I can't recall. Of course this was years ago and cheap computers and telecommunication have probably made verification of education much easier. This may not work today. Could it be I'm getting too cynical?... ...Nahh!

Read the whole thing.

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