John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Good couple of days. Mary's cousin and his wife were in town, so we visited with them yesterday. She works as a medical coding consultant, he works for American Airlines. We had a great time. I used to be able to visit them when I would travel to Dallas, but since I'm not headed out that way in the near future, it was a kick to see them here.

Today, we did the usual spring Sunday stuff. Mass at noon, watched the ballgame while doing some work (they should have pulled Smoltz after 7), did the lawn, just ordered a pizza. Sox-Twins on ESPN tonight. Life is good. I hope to get more work done this evening, to make up for the fact that I didn't do a lot last week. I realized all of a sudden that hey, I get paid for this.

I feel like I've abandoned my writing and my mailing list. I've got one character left in the lurch right now and one story sort of hanging there until I can get back to it. I will have to make time for all of this. Lord, it's good to be busy.

One of our parish priests is from Vietnam. He's one of those boat people that you may have heard of, a young man who spent several years in a refugee camp. He's a real sweet young man, but let's face it, he speaks English about as well as I speak Vietnamese. Anyway, he said the noon Mass last Sunday, the day after Pope John Paul II died. I was a little surprised that he didn't say anything about the event, but I let it pass. He had three baptisms to do on top of everything else, he's still pretty new at the job, and as I said, his command of English is not the greatest.

Well, evidently, some of the faithful had their panties in a wad over the fact that Father Francis hadn't said a word (until the end of Mass, anyway) about the passing of the Holy Father, and emailed the pastor. This week, the pastor had the noon Mass, and he started it out by explaining that Father Francis spends the better part of the week preparing his homily for Sunday, including writing the entire thing out and memorizing it, and that maybe it would be a good thing to cut the poor guy a little slack.

You know, I got really pissed off that anyone would have the nerve to do that to him. Everyone can see how hard the guy is trying, he's only been ordained for about a year, and the homily he gave was beautiful. I'm sure that John Paul II would have appreciated how hard he worked on it, too.

Just had to get that off my chest.

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