John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

As part of my job as a consulting trainer for this company, I am responsible for getting my own training materials printed and then bringing them with me to the customer site. There is one nationally known printing company (I'll leave you to guess which one) that we patronize because (a) they'll give us a discount and (b) they promise 24 hour service. Anyway, I bring my materials to them yesterday at 11:30 AM, with complete instructions on how to print each of the files on the disk that I provided them, and told them that I needed them by 6 PM today. So, I finally get out at 7:00 this evening, and I drive over to said printing shop to pick up my materials, where I find out that not only are my copies not done....


Now, when I get there, the two guys working behind the counter are standing around looking as though they haven't a care in the world. When I tell them who I am, I watch as the two of them gather around a computer, dismiss the screen saver, and I can see that the two of them have been looking at my job. They stand there for a good fifteen minutes and discuss the matter, whereupon the guy who "[doesn't] usually work at this store" comes over and tells me that he can have the job done by 10 PM.

He'd better damn well not be talking out of his ass on this one.

More as it happens...

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