John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

The print shop (who is going to get a real nastygram from me this evening) got all but my classroom posters done. I finally told them not to bother and will bring them to another shop not far from where I'm going to be staying. I've had enough aggravation for one weekend.

I'm on my way to Topeka, Kansas tomorrow. Topeka is, of course, the capital of Kansas. It is also about 30 miles from the city of Holton, which, unless I'm mistaken, is named after a distant relative of mine (the president of the Kansas Society of Milwaukee, responsible for sending a contingent of abolitionists to the Kansas Territory to keep it a free state). Holton also has Ghostletters significance (Del Wellborn was the station manager and chief engineer of KRAZ-TV in Holton). If I have a chance, I'm going to take a ride up there. I may also stop by the beautiful town of Stull, which some of you Ghostletters people will probably recognize as the location of hell. And, who knows, I might actually get a chance to see my brother, who lives near KC.

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