John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

I am posting these 5 questions that meropa asked me. You know the deal. Tell me you want me to peer into your soul via my comments page, and I, too shall ask you 5 questions, which you will then post on your lj. Why? Because you love it, or because you're bored like I am.

1. What is your fave vacation spot?

Oddly enough, the road between Atlanta and Chicago. Typically, we drive to Chicago once a year, and while we're there, it's usually because we have something to do with the building we own or for some family obligation. Nevertheless, I75-I24-I57-I94 is a very relaxing drive, even if I do all of the driving. We're working on stopping at all of the Cracker Barrels along the way, usually stop for the night in Mt. Vernon halfway through on the way up. The drive up I57 to Chicago is so boring, it's relaxing. On the way back, we debate whether we should try and make it all the way in one day or we should stop for the night someplace. Normally, we make it all the way, but we might stop this time.

2. What is one thing you like about Atlanta?

I love the weather. Having grown up in Chicago, where the weather can be miserable most of the winter, I appreciate the mild winter, and although I might grouse about the heat in the summer, it's easy enough to deal with.

3. What is one think you can't stand about Atlanta?

The newspaper. It's proof that competition can be a very good thing.

4. Favorite book?

Drew Carey's Dirty Jokes and Beer. He thinks a lot like I do, and has a very funny way of expressing himself. His stories are great, too.

5. Biggest pet peeve?

Having to take my shoes off at the airport. Come on, there's no metal in them, but if I don't take them off, the TSA rent-a-cops go berserk and practically strip-search me. They're usually too busy at Hartsfield, but there are plenty of little airports where there are so many TSAers that they don't mind hassling you.

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