John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

A gorgeous day in Marietta, GA...not a cloud in the sky, temperature just about perfect, and I'm sitting out on my deck looking out into the yard, where our waterfall is babbling below me. I'm finally starting to feel relatively normal after last week--a good thing, since I'm going to be finding myself under the gun the next week and a half for my client.

Mary and I rented some movies yesterday. She watched "Mansfield Park" on her own, then we watched "Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones", which wins the John Holton "Two And A Half Hours Of My Life That I'll Never Get Back" Award. Granted, I'm not much of a sci-fi fan, nor am I what one would call a Star Wars fan (although I did enjoy the first three movies), but you know, it was just dull. I got so confused trying to keep up with whose story we were watching that I finally decided that there was just enough story to get us from one fight scene to another, and whenever Anakin was finished kicking someone's ass, they'd switch to Obi-Wan and watch him kick someone's ass, then we'd go back to Anakin, etc. until George Lucas ran out of ideas for things to do with computer animation and special effects. The beauty of the first three (or the middle three, depending on your point of view), we've decided, is that there was more of a focus on the story, because Lucas couldn't do all of the fancy shit with the computers.

Oh, well. We still have "De-Lovely", my single choice in the trip to Hollywood Video, and "Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason". The latter reminds me that, the last time we rented movies, we rented "Bridget Jones's Diary" and "Pride And Prejudice" and had our "Colin Firth Playing Men Named Darcy Film Festival". Kind of like the time we rented "Personal Best" and "Star 80" and had our "Mariel Hemingway Before And After Film Festival", or the time we rented "Help!", "The Shoes Of The Fisherman" and one of the seasons of "Rumpole Of The Bailey" and had a "Leo McKern Film Festival". I'm looking forward to seeing "De-Lovely", not only because of my appreciation for the music of Cole Porter, but because I had the hardest time finding it. I finally found it tucked in among the four hundred or so copies of "Fahrenheit 9/11" that have been rotting on the shelves since it was released on video. (I did mention that this is Marietta, Georgia, capital of the reddest county in the nation, didn't I? Maybe it'll move when they start selling it cheap enough for skeet targets, I don't know.)

Oh, and Friday was the series finale for "JAG". It wasn't as good of an episode as I had hoped for. They sorta-kinda left the door open for a new show using most of the cast, but they probably won't. Not that it would be that good of a series without Harm and Mac, although they came up with a few good characters that would have been worth following into another season of the show. I had this strange idea once that maybe they'd do the same thing that they did with "MASH", where they had Col. Potter, Klinger, and Father Mulcahy in a VA hospital. Then I figured, they've already got enough shows about lawyers on TV these days, who needs another one?

I keep telling myself that eventually I'll get back to my writing and get back to my mailing list, but I'm really at a point where I need to concentrate on work, specifically getting myself through the next week and a half or so. I'll come up for air, but don't mind me if I get quiet all of a sudden. As I've said, I'm thinking that maybe I need to spend a little less time on the Internet of late...

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