John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

summerlady is playing the Babelfish game, and of course, I couldn't resist. swisscelt had a version of this that was a little more complex. Basically, take the lyrics to a song you think others will know, take it over to Altavista's Babelfish translator and translate from English to French to German and back into English.

Seeing as how I just saw De-Lovely, the movie on the life of Cole Porter, and the music is still running through my head (could be worse; Porter was an incredible composer and lyricist), I first tried Night and Day, and broke Babelfish. But, here's a couple of goodies...not too hard to figure out what they are...

- If they begin beguine that it reports reported on the noise of the music offer so, it on one night splendor tropical, it returns memory-green never. I am once more with you under hold the first role, and by the bank the play and even the palms of the orchestra seem downward to balance, if they begin beguine. There lives is excluded it still after the whole effort, if this air seizes my heart, and are we schw50rend to like over always and from not part never promising never. Which times guess/advise, which calm Entzuecken, until the clouds came the length to verfluchen in order to zerstreuen the maintained joys we tasted and, if I hear persons, the luck which was wasted, I white, but to good what they mean; Thus they do not let let begin beguine the love, those once a fire were remain a glowing coal; Let as the dead demand sleep, which I remember only if they begin beguine. Oh let it begin beguine, makes for them the play, until the first role holds, which was there before return over you, until you whisper once more at me, loved, I love you! And we know suddenly, which sky we are inside, if they begin beguine

- I love you the Brise from April schnarcht. Made echo I love you the hills. I love you is suitable the gold-morning-grey, while once more she sees osterglocken. It is feather/spring still, and the birds on the wing begin still to still sing the old melody. I love you it is the song of the songs, and it everything belongs to you and me. It is feather/spring still, and the birds on the wing begin still to still sing the old melody. I love you it is the song of the songs, and it everything belongs to you and me.

- Into old days overview soil above, when something, which is shocked now the sky looked at, white, it goes somewhat the good authors too much, who knew in the past that better words use themselves now only four words of the letter the Prosa somewhat go the world have today fol and the bon bad today and the space bar black today and the night of the daily today, if the majority of the types today that the woman price today the idiotischen is garbage in,garbage outless so fair, although I am not a large fiction writer that I know that you stand with the answer in connection, if I suggest, united vieux

I kinda prefer the originals...


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