John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

Was up early today to take Sherman to the vet to have a glucose curve done. He's doing all right, although the vet has increased his dose of insulin from three to four units, twice a day. Mary and I have seen a definite change in him: he's back to stalking around the house, glaring at the other cats, coming to bed and snuggling with Mary and me (well, with Mary, anyway; I think I'm just there and his butt just sort of ends up in my face). In short, he seems to be more or less back to his old self.

Worked on the deck all day. Made it through one of the sections of the class that I needed to get through. Just a few more to go, and a huge amount of data building. It's kind of slow going, but a whole lot easier when I'm not sitting in my office. Aside from a little glare in the morning and in the afternoon, it was nice working out here. Wi-fi is the greatest.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

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