June 13th, 2003


Good afternoon, I think

I started to drive Mary to school this morning, and we weren't half a mile from home when she told me to turn around and take her back to the doc-in-the-box. After a chest x-ray and a blood test, he put her on a stronger antibiotic and a stronger cough suppressant. She's now sleeping peacefully.

I'm most of the way through my field readiness document. It's not anywhere near what they're looking for, I'm certain, but I'm going to send it as is and see what comments they make. I'll have all week to monkey with it after that. He did say a draft, so that's what he's getting.

It's been raining on and off, and will probably continue to do so most of the weekend. I didn't want to do the lawn, anyway.
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One more before I turn this thing off

Finished the draft that I've been working on for two weeks and passed it along to a coworker for his ideas before I send it to PHB. I feel oddly relieved after that.

The weather doesn't seem to know what it wants to do. First it's raining, then it's sunny, then it's raining again, now it's quiet, but the sun's not out, since it's quarter to ten here.

The Braves are on in ten minutes from Seattle. I may make it through part of the game. I've never been to Seattle, unless you count the airport on my way through to Medford, Oregon. I did have coffee there, at the airport, so I feel like I at least participated in the culture, whatever that is.

Mary's feeling a lot better now; she has the odd coughing jag, but she slept most of the day without coughing, she had something to eat, and she's talking on the phone with her friends, which is a good sign. She has a stronger antibiotic and a cough suppressant with codeine in it. I think that's the big difference.

I've been working through several music books, including Mick Goodrick's The Advancing Guitarist. I've had the book for close to fifteen years, and I'm just now starting to make sense out of it. He has a wonderful line in there: One of the few things worth taking seriously is humor. I like that. I should tape that up over my desk, or these tables that I use as a desk.

Time to shut down and relax. Just want to recognize the death of a legend in the news business, David Brinkley. Good night, David.
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