June 21st, 2003


Saturday Update, and the next installment

Had a busy day today. I had started to cut the lawn yesterday, but since I haven't cut it in a couple of weeks it was really heavy, and I got to the point where I couldn't even get the lawn mower started. So, I finished that this morning, before the guys showed up to pressure wash the house. We bought a bookcase for Mary's office, we stopped at Barnes and Noble for a book for her and a couple of magazines for me, then we had something at Starbucks and headed home. Made ribeye and grilled squash (zucchini and yellow) for dinner on the deck. A nice relaxing end to the day.

Here's the next installment. Some adolescent male humor ahead. You have been warned.

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I finally figured out where this is going. You'll just have to keep reading to find out. Heh heh heh...
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