June 27th, 2003


Thoughts on the story...

Taking a cue from Papa Hemingway, I've been keeping count, and I've now gotten over 15,000 words written for the story that I've been posting. I heard once that the average novel is approximately 80,000 words, so I'm shooting for 120,000 so that I have room to cut (and there'll be plenty to cut when I get finished). If I keep this up, I'll have that by the early part of September! Whee! Then I can start the rewrite. You know, this having to write every day has a lot of advantages.

I just wonder what I'm going to do when I go off to the National Guitar Workshop in a couple of weeks, where I won't have the ability to post what I write. I don't even plan on bringing a laptop with me, since I'll have enough expensive equipment to worry about. I guess I'll have to write a real cliffhanger on July 12, and post what I write while at the Workshop (hey, there's pen and paper, you know!) when I return. Those are my plans, anyway.
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