July 1st, 2003


Rain, rain, go away...

It's done nothing but rain here all day. I guess we're catching the back end of Bob, or whatever. I had the Weather Channel on today, and one of the subtitles was "Remnants Of Bob." What a great title for a story. Maybe someone can write it and post it out here.

The weather was so bad that my usual bimonthly writer's group meeting was cancelled. It was just as well; I was able to stay home and write the next part of the story. The Braves could have used some of this rain; I stopped watching about half an hour ago, when they were losing 12-1. It's now 18-1.

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Guess that should have been part 13, not 18. Guess I have 18 on the mind. It's late, and I have an early day tomorrow.