July 5th, 2003


Tonight's entry, and general blather

I got the lawn done today, just before it started to rain. Now, the sun's out and it's probably like a steambath. But, that's OK; the lawn's done, front and back.

One of Mary's classmates came today and gave both of us massages, so I'm good and relaxed. We went out to Borders afterwards, and I did a little window shopping but didn't buy anything. They had the Harry Potter book on sale at 40 percent off; Barnes and Noble had it at 30 percent off. They seemed to have plenty of copies. Hmm...Personally, I'm waiting for Janet Evanovich's new book, To The Nines; it hits the shelves on the 15th, while I'm at guitar camp. Same day as the All-Star Game, too. Guess I'll have to set up the VCR before I leave for Murfreesboro.

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