July 11th, 2003


Tonight's update

It was a busy work day for me today. The day before vacation always seems to be. My boss sent me something this morning, telling me that he wanted to discuss it with me at four this afternoon, when I was on my way over to pick Mary up at school. Since her school is in the general vicinity of the office, I dropped in on him. Evidently he got it into his mind that he had explained the assignment well enough: I was to take the generic plan he had sent me and "provide more granularity". In other words, develop the entire plan for our engagements on the new product sometime before I went on vacation, which was at five this afternoon. Thanks, boss.

I did find this article describing the suspension of Randall Simon of the Pittsburgh Pirates to be quite funny, probably unintentionally. Specifically, read the sentence under "Views".

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Next part (last part before guitar camp) tomorrow night. Thanks to all of you who are continuing to read this.