July 24th, 2003


Yeah, I know, I blew it...

I never got around to posting the next part of the story last night. I did get a chance to talk to my brother, who I hadn't talked to in a couple of months.

Real life is getting busy again. It looks as though one of several promised long-term contracts might be coming through, meaning that this period of restless inactivty might be coming to an end in the very near future. Thank heaven for small miracles.

Will be back later with the next two parts of the story, or my name ain't...what is my name, anyway?

The last of my writing from last week

OK, here are the entries that I wrote last Wednesday and Thursday. I've discovered that I'm not quite as prolific when I write longhand as when I type. These two entries combined, even though they take up about ten pages in my notebook, are only about as long as one of my shorter entries from before. Plus, transcribing from my notebook is a real pain in the neck. New stuff starts tomorrow. I've been working with one of the other Ghostletters writers on a story the last day or so, and been putting my efforts into that, but I'll save enough words for this story, I promise.

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