July 27th, 2003


Real short entry tonight

This is more of a continuation of last night's entry than something new. It's been a long day, I've done a lot of writing for Ghostletters, so this is short.

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I'm in class all day tomorrow. They're actually giving me training and getting me out of the house. Oh joy, oh thrill.

The review went well on Friday. I'm still doing my job well, and they want me to keep doing it for a while longer.

Mary gave me a massage today at the clinic, to help her dispose of her hours. She needs to complete 60 hours of massages in the clinic by the middle of December (when she graduates). So far, after two weeks, she's got 7 1/2. She's right on target.

Aside from that, I'm listening to lots of music, getting ideas for things to play.
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