September 27th, 2003


Last day of vacation

OK, so tomorrow's really the last day, but I have to drive over to Alabama tomorrow to be onsite with a customer on Monday and Tuesday. I may be out of computer range for a couple of days. As I recall, the place where I'm staying employs digital lines exclusively, not very good when you're working with a modem.

It could be worse. I got a call on Friday afternoon telling me that I was on my way back to Seattle for a couple of days; however, since the boss neglected to check my schedule, that had to be called off. You can imagine how disappointed I am about that.

Our newcomer seems to be fitting in quite well here; she hasn't managed to get into any fights, the others seem to think that she's OK (they probably figured that they simply forgot that she was here), and she's exploring, eating, using the box, sleeping, etc. as though she's been here her whole life. Hasn't quite warmed up to us yet, but she will, eventually, I'm sure...let's hope, anyway. (I've got a couple who have lived here their entire lives and still cringe when Mary and I talk to them, let alone try to pet them.) We're struggling to come up with a name for her; I've suggested Lana, after Lana Dean (one of my Ghostletters characters). Mary thinks I'm weird. She's right.

In baseball news: Congratulations are, I suppose, in order for the Chicago Cubs, who clinched the National League Central. They'll be playing the Braves in the first round. Condolences, also, to Jerry Manuel, whose last day with the White Sox is tomorrow (apparently).

I'm tired, and really not in the mood to sit here in front of the computer. Good night.
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