October 20th, 2003


Good thoughts would definitely be appreciated

Connie, my Devon Rex, who's lived with us just a short time, appears to be rather seriously ill. She's been kind of mopey all weekend, and finally Mary brought her to the vet. Evidently, she's having problems with her liver, which is generally not a good sign; she's lost weight (we've had them on a light formula cat food, but she shouldn't have lost that much weight) and her gums are yellow. I'm concerned that she might not be long for the world...
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Connie update

Connie's still at the vet this evening, getting fluids and being watched carefully. They did a test and saw that her liver was enlarged, but everything else looked OK. Mary said that they told her that there was a specialist that could look at her, and I think we're going to go that route. Thanks to all of you who wrote with good thoughts. Keep 'em up...

Guess he learned his lesson....

Don't screw with the TSA. Making them look bad is not permitted and will not be tolerated.

Remember when one of our brainiac politicians said, "You don't professionalize unless you federalize?" Personally, I agree with the guy who said that we (the US) don't have an airport security system; we have a system for annoying people. I get to see it first hand every time I go through an airport.