November 30th, 2003


NaNoWriMo Post-mortem

Well, I didn't manage to write a damn thing for NaNoWriMo. I had no ideas whatsoever other than things that I'd already begun and not finished, and that was strictly verboten according to the rules. Besides, I was more than a little embarrassed that I had so many UFO's, as Mary calls her half-done knitting projects (UFO=UnFinished Object). If I do nothing else in the next year, I swear, I'm going to finish at least one of these stories in progress.

I've done a lot of reading in the last few days, though, and it's inspiring me. I'm in the middle of Incriminating Evidence, by Sheldon Siegel. Sheldon was a classmate of my brother Kip's, and has written four books now, at least the first two of which are well-written, entertaining, and tell tremendous stories. He's quickly becoming an inspiration, since he just published his first book a couple of years ago, and he's just a couple of years younger than I. Hell, if he can do it, I can do it.
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