July 18th, 2004


Since I know someone's going to ask

The new default icon is a picture of an Indian statue that stands atop what used to be a cigar store on the corner of 63rd and Pulaski in Chicago and which has since been modified to be an advertisement for an optometrist. It used to advertise White Owl cigars, at least when I lived in Chicago. And, for the record, Dove's Confections, home of the Dove Bar, is across the street, unless I'm mistaken.

I've got to find the Magikist lips...

Ah, here we are!

I knew that someone was going to ask about the Magikist lips (referenced in my last post). Here they are. Magikist was a local carpet cleaning establishment, and they had two of these signs, one on the north side near DePaul University, the other on the south side (I'm not sure where that one was). This picture is courtesy of Mildred's House of Signage.

There's another fantastic site out there that I found while I was looking for this picture, it's Chicago Uncommon. Beautiful pictures of what I believe is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
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