July 20th, 2004


Question for you writers

Do you ever find yourself actually trying to occupy the skin of your characters? I had a scene I was writing with someone else (you know who you are) where my character was singing a song, and I just couldn't get it done until I put on the song, closed my eyes, put myself on stage as her and sang along with it. Hey! Method writing! What do you think?

Two album recommendations: João Gilberto's In Tokyo and Joyce Cooling's This Girl's Got To Play. The former by the man who brought the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim to the US, the latter by a new (to me, at least) "smooth jazz" guitarist. Great stuff.

I'm off to bed. Good night.
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    Ella Fitzgerald, "Isn't It Romantic?"


I got a call today at around noon from a guy who helps place training and development consultants. He was looking for someone for a two-month assignment, two weeks would be here, six weeks would be overseas (either India or the Philippines). I interview Thursday, and if all goes well I start next Monday.

This is totally cool...

Wish me luck.