July 27th, 2004


Tuesday afternoon update

Celebrated my last official day of being unemployed by going out and buying a traveler's guide to the Philippines. I spoke with my contact at the client, and she told me that they're still not quite sure where I'll be headed. Most likely, it'll be Manila or Cebu. I'm kind of hoping for the latter, having read through this book. Evidently, they make wonderful guitars in Cebu.

I go for my shots on Thursday morning. Oh, joy, oh thrill.

My workout is scheduled for 7 PM this evening, and again at 7 tomorrow and Thursday, then Saturday morning. I have no idea what it's going to feel like, working out at night. Were it up to me, I'd be working out in the early morning, but evidently that's a problem. Considering Atlanta traffic coming from downtown in the evenings, it pretty well means that I'm going to have to leave the client site and head right for the gym. Better be prepared to eat whenever I can.
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I'm going to have to cook dinner in a few minutes. I'm going to have to eat and give myself some time to digest before I pump iron.
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Yeah, you know, that was it, really

One of the books that I started reading before I left my last job was The Money Is The Gravy, by John Clark. John has a website, johnclarkonline.com, that has a lot of the information that he has in the book.

Anyway, I subscribe to his e-zine, and this issue that came today put a lot of the changes that I've been making into perspective. It's hard to say that you have to work through the hurt of losing a job (or having it become clear that it's time to leave), mostly because most of us don't see it as pain. I know that I didn't. And yet, as I look at a whole new world opening up to me, I realize that it's over, gone, done with, and I have to let it go. I started letting it go the day I resigned, but now it's time to forget about it. But I had to go through the pain of being told that I was being given thirty days to shape up or ship out before I was ready to say, all right, it's time to leave the old behind and let the dead bury the dead. I'm on a new journey now.
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