August 13th, 2004


Friday evening report

Anyone noticing a tremor from the southeastern US at around 1800 UTC (4 PM EDT) yesterday afternoon will no doubt want an explanation, so here it is: I was walking to the parking lot to drive home, and about fifty feet from the lot, my ankle gave way and I went down hard. Fortunately, I didn't break anything, although I tore the knee out of my pants and have a very badly skinned knee, and I felt like a complete jackass.

But, here's the nice thing: There was an Indian gentleman pulling out of the lot at the time that I fell on my face, and within ten seconds he was out of his car and at my side, asking me if I was all right and offering to help me up. I told him that there was no way that he was going to be able to pick me up...and he called his friend who was in the car with him and the two of them were able to get me back onto my feet, and waited with me to make sure that I was all right and hadn't broken anything. They weren't going to leave until they were positive that I was able to walk all right. I feel particularly blessed. What a nice thing to do for someone you don't know.

On the work front, one of the upper managers at the customer has decided that he's going to take the matter of my lack of access to the systems I'm supposed to become an expert on into his own hands. I'll probably have access to everything that I need, and may very well be done with the preparation for this project by the end of next week. Oh, and they've basically told me that they'd like to have me keep coming in and working for them. It would appear that they like me. And I like them. Who knows? This could be worth exploring.

Oh, and I forgot...

The world lost one of its real keepers today with the death of Julia Child. What can one say about a tall and very big woman with a funny voice, a wild sense of humor, and who, despite her standing as one of the pre-eminent chefs and cooking teachers in the world, loved hot dogs and junk food and wrote to McDonald's to protest when they started frying their French fries in vegetable oil instead of lard? Only that she was a joy to everyone who ever saw her on television, the good-natured butt of jokes, and a person who took haute cuisine and made it accessible to everyone. She impressed me as a woman who truly enjoyed life and who made it enjoyable for everyone around her. And, judging by this article, that was the impression a lot of people had.

She would have been 92 next week.

God bless, Julia. Bon appetit.